[Video] Alyssa Liang’s Top 12 Things to Do in Kyoto 日本京都

Alyssa Liang shares her Top 12 Things to Do in Kyoto 日本京都 , released in April 2015. Kyoto is a beautiful city full of history and culture; good food and fantastic shopping experience!


  1. Nanzen-ji temple, established in 1291
  2. Konchi-in inside the Nanzen-ji temple complex
  3. Tenjyuan Garden inside the Nanzen-ji temple complex
  4. Cherry blossoms at Tetsugaku no Michi (in early April)
  5. Ginkaku-ji temple founded in 1490
  6. Kinkaku-ji temple founded in 1397
  7. Ryoan-ji temple founded in 1450
  8. Lunch break at the best noodle restaurant in Kyoto, Hakata Ippudo (一風堂)
  9. Nishiki Market for shopping
  10. Gion, Kyoto’s most famous geiko (geisha) district
  11. Sukiyaki dinner at Gion (excellent Wagyu beef and kobei sashimi)
  12. Final stop of the day, a jazz bar for a drink to celebrate a excellent day! Opened in 1974, this place has quite a eclectic collection of items!

A 10 minute stroll back to the Gion Maifukan Hotel Kyoto, one of our favourite places to stay in Kyoto.