Osaka 大阪 & Nara 奈良| A Week in Japan | Lee Yuck’s GoPro Adventure

After flying from South Korea and touching down in Japan, vlogger Lee Yuck shared his trip in 2 videos for Osaka 大阪 & Nara 奈良! Lee makes videos with his GoPro camera to share his life in South Korea as an after-school English teacher along with the occasional videos/vlogs of his overseas travels.

Lee’s trip vlog follows:

I spent 3 very productive days exploring the beautiful port city of Osaka by land, water, and… if a ferris wheel counts then yes, also by air!  ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

[ Osaka 大阪 highlights ]:

Day 1
– spent a night at Kansai International Airport / 関西国際空港
– visited Osaka Port / 大阪湾
– jumped on the Tempozen Ferris Wheel / 天保山大観覧車
– cruised around the bay on the La Santa Maria cruise ship
– checked in J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse hostel
– walked around Dotonbori / 道頓堀 at night
– had Ichiran / 蘭 道頓堀店 ramen for dinner

Owl cafe Osaka

Owl cafe Osaka

Day 2
– daily morning visit to Mister Donut / ミスタードーナツ for coffee
– biked around with a bike rental from my hostel
– visited Osaka castle / 大阪城
– played with owls at Owl Family cafe / フクロウのみせ 大阪店
– caught the sunset at Umeda Sky Building / 梅田スカイビル
– had okonomiyaki at Kiji Sky Restaurant / きじ スカイビル店
– stopped by the Pokemon Center / ポケモンセンターオーサカ

Pokemon Center Osaka

Pokemon Center Osaka

Day 3
– visited Hozen-ji Temple / 法善寺
– walked around Dotonbori during the day

Ebisu Bridge in Dotonbori

Ebisu Bridge in Dotonbori

[ Nara 奈良 highlights ]:

Day 4

Day-trip to Nara to visit the hundreds (estimated 1200) of freely roaming deer that have become the symbol of the city ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

At this point of my trip I was still based in/staying in Osaka so this was simply a day-trip (which I recommend because everything in Nara could pretty much be accomplished in a full day).

Nara deer

– Nara Park: the central park home to hundreds of wild, tame deer. They were considered sacred for a long period of time and just recently harming one led to a death sentence. Nowadays there are vendors selling deer crackers (150 yen) all throughout the park and the deer themselves have learned to bow to visitors for some of the crackers.

– Todaiji Temple 東大寺: Known as the “Great Eastern Temple”, Todaiji is the landmark of Nara. I couldn’t capture the 15m tall seated Buddha inside (one of Japan’s largest bronze Buddhas) so I didn’t include it in the video.

– There’s also Kofukuji Temple (Japan’s second tallest wooden pagoda which I visited but didn’t include in this video), Wakakusuyama (a mountain I would’ve hiked for the view at the top if I had more time), and a couple of gardens (Isuien and Yoshikien).