Ice Hills Hotel in Hokkaido

Appearing for only a few winter months a year, Royce’ Ice Hills Hotel near Sapporo is made of ice and snow! Located in Tobetsu city 40 minutes by car from Sapporo, there are three hotel buildings with interior designs crafted by Hokkaido artists as well as the “Royce’ Bar” reception building, which serves a variety of hot drinks and chocolate.

Ice Hills Hotel at Night

As part of a Creative Hokkaido project, Clark gallery + SHIFT is in charge of the creative designs of the three guest rooms in the Ice hotel building. The three artists Toshihiko Shibuya, Midori Kanbara and Leo Fujisawa and Muneyasu Okazaki will design each room and create their unique spaces.

Ice Hills Hotel Bar

Open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, it is open to the public for free. After 8:00 pm it becomes a hotel for guests who have made a reservation. Guests will stay nice and cozy inside a luxurious sleeping bag on a fur covered bed surrounded by snow and ice.

Ice Hills Hotel Hokkaido

There are some winter activities to keep you busy during the day, Big Snow Mountain will appeal to the kid in you with snow sleds and snow play. Snow shoe hiking lets you explore and walk in the winter nature and its beautiful snow scenery. Snow mobile across the snow-covered course laid out in the golf course.

If you want to go for a tour, we recommend the shuttle bus that leaves from Sapporo city departing from Cross Hotel Sapporo (¥3,500 round trip). Contact the hotel to book a room at the Ice Hotel as well as shuttle tickets.

Date: January 17, 2015 – March 15, 2015

Time: 11:00AM – 8:00PM (Entrance is free)

Place: Sweden Hills Golf Club Parking Lot:  2788-28, Sweden Hills, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun

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Photos thanks to Sapporo Tourism Official Website