Hotto Motto Restaurants

            If you are looking for some take-out food in Japan to eat in a park, your hotel room, or on a train, why not try Hotto Motto? Look for the logo with a red circle containing large letters “HM” and “Hotto Motto” written in English above it. The restaurant is a franchise with stores throughout Japan. There is no seating for customers to eat in the restaurant; instead, it focuses on bento, or take-out food.

日本語: 国道372号沿いおよび近辺にあるさまざまな建物など。 ほっともっと姫路花田店。弁当の販売店

            Plastic samples of the meals available are displayed in a glass counter case. Point to the ones you want if you don’t speak Japanese. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from, including trays with up to about 10 different pieces of meat, vegetables, and rice. There are usually seasonal menus and sometimes special offers. Your selection will be prepared while you wait, and you can pay for it at the counter. For those wanting faster service, most Hotto Motto stores have a case with prepared boxed meals, side dishes, and drinks, so you can pick out one of those and pay for it at the counter without having to wait for your meal to be cooked.

Hotto Mottoも沖縄では少し違う

Hotto Mottoも沖縄では少し違う

            Hotto Motto is known for fast and fresh food. The meals are filling and reasonable, so are a good choice for the traveler who wants a break from a sit-down restaurant or food from a convenience store. The corporate website is only in Japanese:


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