Francisco Fuentes’ Visual Diary of his Trip to Tokyo and Kyoto

Francisco Fuentes published a visual diary of his trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, in an amazing captured and edited style that is a treat to watch and an inspiring motivator to visit. There are 14, 15-second videos each acting as a min-teaser for Franciso’s visit in May 2015 to the the land of the rising sun.

From the food, drinking, bizarre scenes, history, culture, people, and the cities this series packs in so much in such little time.

Departing from Vancouver, BC, Canada, he arrives in Narita airport via Air Canada.

Braving the Narita Express and the trains, a Kirin beer helps..

How can anyone not visit the Robot Restaurant while in Tokyo?!

Sushi, sushi and more sushi..

Pachinko and some interesting beer..

Temples and offerings..

Tokyo Skytree and some Okonomiyaki, and some beer!

Tsukiji Fish Market and… more sushi!

Curry tonkatsu with rice and the JR500 shinkansen

Sapporo beer, coffee and hamburger and fries at Cache Cache

Kyoto and a matsuri festival with portable mikoshi shrines

The golden temple Kinkaku-ji and offerings

Temples at night, so mysterious..

Video Shot with the Panasonic LX100 and Edited with Adobe Premiere