Ecbo Cloak lets you Store Luggage at Shops and Cafes in Japan

Exploring Japan on foot is one of the greatest ways to experience the sites and sounds of this amazing country. Hauling your luggage around while you explore on a day-trip or between hotels is not that fun though.

Many train stations have day-locker rentals but you may find the lockers are all full or do not fit the size of your luggage.  To help travellers, a Japanese company Ecbo Cloak has introduced another way to store your luggage. They have partnered with a network of shops and cafes which will store your luggage on their premises for about the same price as what you would find in train stations. Think of it as a Airbnb for luggage.

Any size of luggage, including baby strollers, can be stored in the locations and you can reserve storage space at the desired location in advance. This is an excellent way to make sure your holiday plans work our stress-free and with the low-crime rate in Japan you will not have to worry about safety of your stored items.

The Ecbo Cloak website supports English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. On the website you can search for available spaces, make reservations, and pay with your credit card. By the end of 2017 they hope to have 10,000 luggage storage spaces available in the Japanese cities they offer service.

There are two pricing levels with charges per day: 300 yen (about US $2.70) per item under 45 centimeters in length, and 600 yen (about US$5.40) for items longer than 45 centimeters.

Four major cities have Ecbo Cloak luggage storage locations, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Complete listing of available spaces can be found on the Ecbo Cloak website.