Discover Takayama, Nestled in the Japanese Alps

Nestled in the heart of the Japanese Alps, Takayama is the ideal place to experience nature and Japan of yesteryear. With its traditional streets and many craft shops, its famous biannual festivals and the Hida Museum Village with its typical thatched roofs, do not pass on the opportunity to discover Takayama in Gifu Prefecture.

Takayama is called “Authentic Historical Town Takayama”, as it has a well preserved town-scape from the Edo period about 400 years ago. Explore traditional townhouses and try our popular snacks such as freshly made rice crackers and mitarashi dango, steamed rice flour ball dipped in soy sauce. These snacks taste the same as in the Edo period. For lunch, Hida beef, Takayama ramen noodle, and flavor rich Hida soba noodle offer you an extraordinary food experience.

Here are a few of the Sightseeing spots and activities the area is known for:

Hida Takayama City-Area

  • Sanmachi
  • Historical Government House
  • Morning Market
  • Shorenji – Dr.Fukurai Memorial Hall
  • Kusakabe Folk Museum
  • Yoshijima Heritage House
  • Festival Floats Exhibition Hall
  • Higashiyama Temple Area – Higashiyama Walking Course
  • Nara-Period State-Supported Temples
  • Shishi Hall
  • Hirata Folk Art Museum
  • Hida Archaeology Museum
  • Fujii Folk Museum
  • Takayama City Memorial Hall
  • Takayama City Archives Museum
  • Hida-Takayama Museum of Art
  • Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village
  • Forest of Seven Lucky Gods
  • Hida Folk Village
  • Festa Forest and Art Forest
  • Forest of squirrel, Fields and mountain Flower garden
  • Takayama Museum of History and Art


  • Oku Hida Hot Springs Village
  • Northern Alps and Shinhotaka Ropeway
  • Oku Hida Bear Park
  • Hirayu Grand Waterfall
  • Hida Great Limestone Cave
  • Mt. Norikura & Norikura Skyline
  • Goshikigahara Plateau
  • Honoki-daira Cosmea Park

Other Areas

  • Hida Kiyomi Lavender Garden
  • Shokawa Cherry Tree
  • Garyu Cherry Tree

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