{4K Video} Winter travel in Tohoku region

Discover Nippon released a stunning 4K video of JAPAN 東北の雪景色の風景 Winter travel in Tohoku region 東北の観光 大内宿津軽 鉄道ストーブ列車 角館武家屋 最上川舟下り 銀山温泉.

Here are a few sights you will experience in this immersive video of the Tohoku region of Japan. Tohoku is the northern part of the main island of Honshu and has a number of resort regions that offer great snow conditions. Tohoku also has many castles and samurai residences, making it a good place to take in some history.

The people of Tohoku have lived quietly through the winter, today’s Tohoku offers the traveller some of the best scenery in Japan.

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